‘Lazy’ mum’s laundry hack leaves people divided as she says ‘who really cares’.

Every mother has her own method for getting housework done in between kids and other commitments, however some believe this mother has gone too far.

Mother of three Mai Zimmy is a well-known mum-fluencer on both YouTube and TikTok, where she shares motherly fun and advice to aid others in her circumstance.

Her TikTok “lazy mom hack” segment, which describes innovative tricks and tactics she utilizes in her everyday life, is one of her standout offerings.

@maizimmy I know this will trigger some😅 promise my kids would rather hang out with me than have me fold clothes lol #cleantok #momhacks #cleaninghacks ♬ original sound – Mai Zimmy

Her laundry hack raised a few feathers on the internet, sharply splitting individuals – ostensibly based on their feelings towards wrinkled garments.

Mai has twin three-year-olds and a one-year-old, which means she has a lot of small laundry to wash.

She added that washing the laundry isn’t a huge bother for her, but it’s the folding and storing away that’s a pain with so many small stuff to deal with.

Rather, she claims that simply dumping the objects into their customary locations does the trick, saving her energy and providing her more time to spend with her kids.

“Laundry takes so much time, and when you have to do tiny children’s laundry, it feels like it takes up your entire week,” Mai, who posts to TikTok as @maizimmy, said. To be honest, washing laundry isn’t all that awful; it’s the folding and putting items away that I despise.

So my lazy parent tip is that I no longer fold my kids’ clothing since, honestly, my three-year-old couldn’t care less if I didn’t fold his garments.

“I still put everything away, for instance, all of the T-shirts go in here, this one has been sitting here in the drawer in the no-fold technique and their clothing don’t even go wrinkly so who cares if it’s not folded but put away in the right drawer so kids can find their clothes in the morning.” Who cares if their pyjamas are wrinkled, they all come down here.

It saves you so much time, which you can spend with your children.

Mai emphasized that placing the clothing where they go in the cabinet is a significant element of this.

This guarantees that the kids have access to the appropriate clothing when they require it.

Indeed, this hack saves time, but also divides the comment section, with some criticizing Mai’s parenting.

One reader questioned Mai’s hack’s effectiveness, adding, “It definitely gets wrinkled and wrinkled garments are very disgusting.”

“It’s not so much about whether it’s wrinkled or not, it’s the obligation,” said another. You don’t want them to be ineffective. “They’ll grow up to be slackers.”

But, a considerable number of TikTok users stepped up, not just to applaud Mai’s trick, but also to say that they’ve been doing it for years.

“I quit folding clothes three kids ago,” one mom stated. I now have five of them heathens, and I don’t even do my own laundry.”

“That mom hack just transformed a dad’s life,” another said of Mai.

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