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Lisa Marie Appeared Unsteady And Seemed to Slur Her Words At Golden Globes — Inside Her Final Days.

Lisa Marie Presley was a singer, composer, and the only daughter of Elvis Presley, the King of Pop. The singer attended the Golden Globes this year to support actor Austin Butler, who portrays her dad in the film “Elvis.”

Lisa Marie applauded the actor for portraying her dad’s persona in an “exact” and “spot-on” manner. She also liked how the film didn’t make fun of Elvis’ creative expression.

Fans couldn’t ignore the fact how the 54-year-old appeared frail and clutched Jerry Schilling’s arm tightly. Individuals also noticed Lisa Marie’s difficulty speaking.

Fans sympathized with Lisa Marie since she had lost her son, Benjamin Keough, to suicide in 2020, and they could only image how painful the mourning journey had been for her.

The night at the Golden Globes, on the other hand, was emotional for Lisa Marie and her mom, Priscilla. During Butler’s speech, she sobbed as he appreciated them for taking him in while he was filming “Elvis.”

Lisa Marie penned a touching tribute to her son on his birthday in 2020, describing how stifling the sadness of his death was for her and his siblings.

As she continued to live and care for her girls, the mom of four sought her son for advice and support. She knew he’d want his sisters to be taken care of.

Even though the loss of her first son was heartbreaking, Lisa Marie was determined to continue to love her kids.

Many individuals were taken aback by Lisa Marie’s demise. She’d just returned from the Golden Gloves, and fans were overjoyed to see her in public.

But, she died two days after her public appearance due to a claimed heart arrest. Lisa Marie’s dad also died prematurely, which caused the entire world to come to a halt. The king of pop is said to have died of heart failure.

Lisa Marie was just nine years old when Elvis died; the singer recalls her last moments with her dad before he was declared dead.

She remembered it being August 16th, and she was meant to be sleeping when Elvis discovered her and instructed her to go to bed, to which she answered, “okay.”

Her dad put her into bed and kissed her good night, the last time she saw him alive. Lisa Marie’s son’s death was also sudden, therefore she had a lot of pain in her life.

In celebration of National Loss Awareness Day and her son, she published an honest depiction of her grief. Lisa Marie acknowledged that she knew others who had lost children, yet she ignored them since losing a kid was her greatest dread.

But, after losing her son and becoming a “representation” of her worst dread, she never desired for anybody else to suffer such anguish.

Despite losing her dad was terribly traumatic, Benjamin’s death was too tough to bear since he loved her every day, loved his sisters more than anything, and they worked well together.

However, Lisa Marie opted to persevere despite the difficulties, and even then, her son provided her strength by emphasizing the need of protecting his smaller sisters by all means.

The mother of four stated she still felt her son’s spirit accompany her, and she saw him every day through her children, who loved Benjamin and who were wrecked by each day without him.

Lisa Marie was close to all of her kids, which she proudly displayed on Instagram. She shared a unique Christmas memory with her girls by seeing the Nutcracker ballet.

The singer also always paid tribute to her dad, sharing a unique photo of herself and her girls backstage at Elvis’ 35th anniversary show in Memphis.

Lisa Marie was always pleased when her children were nearby; when she thanked her fans for wishing her a happy birthday, she added it wouldn’t be a pleasant day without her three daughters. They were her absolute favorite people on the planet.

Riley, Lisa Marie’s daughter, also enjoys sharing lovely throwback photos of herself and her brother Benjamin. Riley marked the first year she went without him with a cute image of them as kids on the swing.

Lisa Marie, on the other hand, was fortunate to have her mom and grandmother alive at a later age. She posted a photo of three lovely generations of ladies in 2015.

Riley also posted another Easter flashback photo with Benjamin. The family has stayed close despite severe losses, and even with the loss of their mom, they will have one other’s support.

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