Little Boy Living In Shelter Helps Family Move Into A NEW APARTMENT.

Sometimes, age cannot stop you if you really want to achieve something, and, as I watch the timer winding down…tick-tock… tick-tock… it’s Your move.

Tani is 8 years old, and he and his family moved to New York from Nigeria 2 years ago. Just about a year ago, he started playing that fascinating… and tedius… game of chess. And he got pretty good at it. Actually, he got REAL good at it. And recently, he won the New York State Chess Championship in his age group. And he won it without a single defeat. It was truly an amazing thing for such a young boy.

Sadly, since Tani and his family moved to New York, they have been homeless, living in a shelter the whole time here. They basically had nothing. But after Tani’s big win, his coach, Russell Makofsky, decided to do something for the young boy and his family.

Russell launched a GoFundMe page in an effort to raise money and get Tani and his family out of the homeless shelter. In doing so, more than $180,000 was raised, and Tani and his family were able to leave the shelter and move into a Manhattan apartment.

His mom, Olu, thanked the United States for being so supportive of them, and Tani’s dad said it was a wonderful thing, and God made it happen. And now that Tani has become a chess champ and his family has a home, his new goal is becoming the youngest chess grandmaster in the world. And as good as he is, there’s a very good possibility of that.

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