Little Brother Thinks His Sister’s Wrestling Match Is A Real Fight Jumps In To Help Her.

They’ll pull each others hair, they’ll wreck each others toys, they’ll tell on each other, they’ll taunt, they’ll fight, they’ll argue for days, but brothers and sisters will share a bond which no other sibling duo can understand. Their love for each other is truly priceless, and here are 10 awesome brother sister stories that went viral!

1. “That was the best thing I’ve ever seen” said a man who was filming a little girls wrestling match. Everything seemed to be normal upto the point when one of the girls was being tackled down and from out of the stands comes running her toddler brother to the rescue.

The boy didn’t understand what was going on, all he saw was someone trying to beat up her big sister and he knew in his heart that he had to help.

As the referee pulled off the toddler from her sisters opponent, the crowd can be seen laughing and applauding the little boy for his heroic efforts.

Both the girls kept wondering what on earth just happened. It’s good to know that no body got hurt during the incident.

When the girl you’re wrestling has a tough little brother, don’t mess with his sister… won’t regret watching this video, promise 😂😂 For licensing / permission to use: Contact – licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom

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2. Harry Flynn is not any ordinary 8 year old. Harry has been living with a huge responsibility on his shoulders. His 2 year old little sister Isabelle was born 12 weeks early and suffers from a condition called Apnea of prematurity, which means that without any warning she would stop breathing at any time.

But thanks to Harry, Isabelle was saved from dying over 20 times. Whether it was playing on the swings, at home or on vacation, Harry has been the best big brother ever, he’s kept a close eye on Isabelle always and if ever sees her in discomfort or having trouble breathing, he instantly revives her by using mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

He’s even trained her other sibling, 5 year old Molly to be ready if need be. Their parents call him a guardian angel and Harry’s angel kiss has been a life saving maneuver for little Isabelle.

3. He had no choice, it was either him or his little sister, as an ultimate sacrifice he did what he had to. An 11 year old gave up his life to save his 7 year old sister.

Like any other day, La’darius Wiley and sister Sha’vonta of Chester, South Carolina were waiting for their school bus when La-darius saw a speeding car heading towards them, in a hurried move, he quickly pushed his sister out of the way and met his fate.

La’darius was rushed to the hospital and died the next day. Michelle Johnson, 57 was arrested, charged with felony on count of hit and run resulting in death.

La’Darious’ mother, Elizabeth McCrorey, said her son sacrificed himself for his sister. ‘He knew to look out for her.’

4. A big brother instinctively knows he has to protect his little sister, it’s not something that his parents need to remind him. That’s exactly what 10 year old Antoine Burks of Newburg, Kentucky did for his sister when she was trapped inside a burning house.

This young Hero of Kentucky managed to escape the blazing fire that their house was caught in, but after realizing his 6 year old sister Trinity was still inside, he immediately ran back in to save her.

‘I thought what if something bad happens to her, it might have been my fault because I am her big brother and I have to protect her,’ he told WAVE.

Apparently Trinity accidentally hit a house lamp with an aerosol spray while cleaning her shoes, hence igniting the blaze.

5. Its pretty usual to see a big brother defend a younger sibling at school, but in this unusual twist of bully behaviour, a young 11 year old girl fought endlessly with a school bully who has some nasty things to say about Lola’s big brother Joseph who is gay.

Lola shrugged off the bully’s comments and kept it to herself because she didn’t want to upset her brother. Jospeh Flinders who is a radio producer in Manchester, England found out about the bullying and decided to take matters into his own hands. He wrote an open letter and posted it on Facebook letting the little bully know how distasteful and ignorant it is for him to say such things.

After the post, the brother and sister have received loads of warm support from many commenters.

6. When push comes to shove, even a 9 year old can be dangerous. In Boynton Beach, Florida a 25 year old man had been stalking an Instagram music star by the name La’Daijah Grant.

The obsession came to the point that Michael Williams sneaked into Grants’ home and tried to sexually assault her.

Her little 9 year old brother Niles saw Michael on top of her sister and was pushing her down on the bed and trying to molest her. He quickly got a knife from the kitchen and confronted the intruder.

The brother and sister duo pushed Michael out the door and Niles even took pictures for the cops to see.

7. Sisters love asking for favors from their big brothers, mostly physical labor type work, lifting stuff etc, but that doesn’t mean that brothers can’t help with the clever stuff. A typical story about a girl who lost her iPhone, nothing out of the ordinary, happens all the time, but the strange twist is that the thief came back with it.

When the brother found out that his sisters iPhone had been stolen, he decided to play it smart. He messaged the thief (well pretending as if it’s the girl that he’s messaging) all sorts of strange things like, your boss knows about the suitcase and he’s even got your phone traced and knows your location.

The thief thinking this is just plain old texting, decided to keep chatting.

But when the brother started mentioning gruesome things like the boss didn’t forgive Vince and you know where he was buried, he’s going to do the same with you if you don’t return the suitcase.

And well the prank became so real, that the thief fell for it and the next day, the girl get’s a call from the Sherriff’s department that an anonymous man left the girls iPhone, debit card and ID at the police station.

8. To get to the bus stop and catch their morning school bus, 11 year old Maleik Carr and his sister Julia walk through the back yard and along a chain link fence.

The neighbors fence had a huge hole and two unleashed pitbulls. On one such morning when the kids were walking to their bus stop, the pit bulls came running across their yard and straight through the fence towards Maliek and his 5 year old sister.

The brave boy quickly pushed her aside and told her to run while he battled off the ferocious dogs on his own. Maleik that day saved his sisters life and took several cuts and bruises on his legs. He managed to jump the fence and that’s when little Julia took him to the hospital.

9. This is a truly inspiring and heart wrenching story, a 10 year old girl suffers from cancer and for obvious reasons does not live a normal life and definitely not a normal school life either.

Rebekah Spader is lucky, very lucky to have such a a loving and caring elder brother. A J Spader knew that Rebekah would not be able to enjoy the normal luxuries of life and will most certainly miss out on high school prom nights and parties, because she may not live long enough to see those days.

So for one magical night Rebekah got to be Cinderella for a winter formal dance, and her prince charming, her brother AJ. AJ wanted Rebekah to experience this before she left his life and gift her this beautiful memory.

AJ treated Rebekah to the whole high school experience which included dinner with his friends and their dates.

10. Youtube and Mcdonalds, what do they have in common? nothing really, if you think about it. But it made a whole lot of difference for this young 8 year old. Brother and Sister were home with their dad fast asleep after a hard days work and mom sleeping next to them on the couch. That’s when the adventure started.

Both the kids were hungry but didn’t know what to do. The boy had been watching youtube videos about how to drive and thought to himself, what the heck, let’s give sis a ride she’ll never forget.

He took his dads van keys and drove 4 intersections to reach the bright golden arches of McDonalds, ordered a couple of cheeseburgers and sat down to eat. That’s when family friends spotted them and called the grandparents and shortly after their adventure came to an end with the police arriving to pick them up. 

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