Little Brother’s Confession When Asked To Give The Best Man Speech.

When you’re the groom at your wedding, it can be a little more than nerve-wracking when your best man – your little brother — gets up at the reception to make a speech. But when Anthony got up to speak at his brother George’s reception, nobody – least of all his brother, and new bride Nicole – was prepared for what he would say.

And here are some parts of Anthony’s very memorable speech: It was an honor for George to ask me to be his best man “…because he’s finally admitting to each and every one of you that I truly am the best.” Growing up, George was smart and driven, and I was the funny goofball. “He was athletic and I was am still am incredibly good-looking.”

But then Anthony started taking a more serious tone with his speech, and this is what he said: “I remember one night we went out to dinner and we were driving around afterwards and smiling, having a great time. And at that moment, I knew Nicole was going to be around for a long-haul.

She made my brother happy in a way that I hadn’t seen him smile like that in a while. I can honestly say Nicole that I think you just maybe the reason why George and I are as close as we are now. The last four years our relationship as brothers has gotten tighter. We do still fight of course but for different reasons. We fight hard because we love harder.”

And just a week or so before the wedding, George said something to Anthony that would mean a lot to him; something he would never forget, and he shared it with those at the reception. He said: “I just want to let you know that I’m always on your side. I am now and I will always be your biggest fan.”

And Anthony responded: “The truth of the matter is I could say the same for you. Through thick and thin, good and bad, you’re my big brother. I look up to you and I’ve always admired you. And, Nicole, I could not be any happier that you’re now part of our family. Seeing the two of you together… just looks complete. I wish you nothing but happiness, love and success for the rest of your years.”

And then Anthony raised his glass with the rest and said: “Love is a force more impressive than any other… because it is invisible. It cannot be seen, but it can transform you in a moment and offer you more joy than any material possession ever could.” Congratulations.

The speech had brought laughter, tears and reflection. You couldn’t really ask any more from your best man.

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