Little Girl Calls 911 To Save Her Dad’s Life And Her Exchange With The Operator Is Hysterical.

Frank Hensley started having chest pains and he was worried he was having a heart attack, so he dialed 911.

When a dispatcher answered, Frank suddenly lost his ability to talk. Fortunately, Frank’s 5-year-old daughter, Savannah, was right there with him when it happened. And she calmly took her dad’s phone and told dispatcher Jason Bonham what was happening. She told him her dad could not breathe and that this had never happened to him before.

Jason then asked her her age and her name and she told him. Then he assured her that he was getting her help and asked if she could unlock her front door, which she did, but before she left to do that, she made sure to tell her father, “Don’t worry, Dad!”

When she returned, she told Jason that he needed to come real fast, and he assured her that help would be there in just a minute. Savannah then told Jason that she was still in her jammies and she would have to go get dressed. But Jason convinced the young girl that it was ok, and that she should really stay there with her dad. Savannah said that she would.

Jason told the young girl that she needed to make sure that her dad stayed awake, and she told him she would. Then, Savannah immediately started talking to Jason about her dog, saying he was really small and friendly and that he “kind of” barks. Jason told her that a dog that kinda barks is alright… and then he asked if her dad was still Ok, and she said, “Yeah, so far so good.” And told her dad to stay calm.

A few seconds later, EMTs were in the house and working on Savannah’s dad, and he recovered. Jason was extremely impressed at how little Savannah handled the situation with her dad, saying: “Most people, when you talk with them, they’re so hysterical. Every time I’ve listened to (the recorded emergency call), it’s amazing. She’s just a little person.”

And a very smart one, at that. 

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