Little Girl Hailed As Hero For Driving Her Grandfather To Safety.

Coy Jumper is a 72-year-old man who lives in Swansea, South Carolina, and he’s an outdoorsy kinda guy. One day, Coy was out about three miles from his home checking the beaver traps he had set in a wooded area. One of his three young granddaughters was with him. All of a sudden, he doubled over near a river’s edge. He was obviously in immense pain. Then, he collapsed into the water.

His quick-thinking and brave granddaughter, 10-year-old Cara, jumped into the water and pulled her grandfather onto the shore. She then dragged him to his car, loaded him in, and Cara… again, only 10 years old… drove him back to his home to get some help. Coy had suffered a stroke. Cara later said the didn’t even have any time to think about it. She just did what she knew she had to do.

Says Cara: ‘I didn’t think much at all. I just jumped down in there. It was over Papa’s head, I knew that.’

For Cara to do what she did is pretty amazing, especially considering Coy weighs about 230 pounds and his car was a good quarter-mile away. “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” she said.

No doubt. And after doing such an incredible thing, she jumped into the driver’s seat and got him home. Coy was then rushed to the hospital by his wife, Esca, and spent six days recovering there. Doctors found an aneurysm that caused the stroke. Coy said his granddaughter saved his life, and she has become something of a hero in her hometown.

And she certainly deserves that title.

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