Little Girl Is Disheartened When No One Shows Up To Her Lemonade Stand.

3-year-old Hannah Pasley lives in Missouri, and she has been absolutely obsessed with police officers ever since her parents, Josh and Amber, can remember. She is obsessed with officers so much that a while back she set up a lemonade stand just so she could raise enough money to buy herself a police uniform.

Yes, that’s quite the obsession. Amber said that there is no one in her or her husband’s family associated with any police department; yet, their young daughter is fascinated by them. But every time they are out and about and Hannah sees a policeman, she makes her mom and dad stop whatever it is they’re doing so she can go up to them and shake their hands.

Amber and Josh were preparing to have a garage sale, and Hannah told them she wanted to set up the lemonade stand while they were doing those adult-garage-sale type things. And, of course, she told them why. So that’s exactly what Hannah did. And half-way through the day, she had raised $40, plenty enough to buy a police costume in her size.

So she took a break from the stand and her aunt drove her to a nearby store to buy the outfit. Little Hannah was thrilled. And when she returned home, she was fully dressed as a policeman or girl. Her family loved it, and they hoped a real policeman would come by and buy some lemonade from her. That would make her day even better. And with more money, she could then buy herself a police car just in her size.

When Amber mentioned it to a visiting friend, that friend posted about it on Facebook. And within an hour, several police officers were stopping by, much to the sheer delight of little Hannah. And when the day was through, nearly 50 police officers had stopped by Hannah’s lemonade stand.

Says Amber: “We had had K-9 units, mounted patrol, deputies, a helicopter patrol and officers who came from different jurisdictions just to meet my Hannah. They came on their lunch breaks or after they’d worked long shifts. Everyone told us they’d had a really hard day and it was really busy and after we put that post up things slowed down and it was like fate. Every single one said that.”

And maybe, with Hannah having her new police uniform, it was something that was just meant to be.

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