Little Girl Scared Of Going Back Home Helped In Unexpected Way By Ex-Teacher.

Many things can frighten us, whether we want to admit it or not, and when it comes to being frightened, it’s always nice to have someone there who cares.

Everyone gets scared every now and then. I get that way every morning when I look in the mirror. But something else that can be scary… is change. When you get so used to something, and all of a sudden, it changes. And some are even afraid to go outside.

One young girl was attending a school for children with moderate to severe disabilities and she was afraid to go back outside. She was perfectly content standing in the school’s hallway playing with her stuffed Kermit the Frog.

Fortunately, the school’s resource officer, Chris Morrison, was right there to try her best to comfort the young girl. She started singing the song “Rainbow Connection, ” a song very familiar to Kermit himself. And it wasn’t long before the little girl did not seem scared anymore.

Before she became an officer, Chris had spent 12 years as a teacher handling high-risk students in Los Angeles. And with all of that experience behind her, her instincts kicked in, and she seemed to know just how to deal with a little girl who was afraid to go outside.

Says assistant principal Jessica Romero: “She comes to everything she does with heart, with empathy, and perspective, and is able to kind of build that rapport with students.”

And considering she’s willing to sing to a scared young student, it’s pretty obvious that she really does care. 

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