Little Girl Wakes Her Mother’s Boyfriend In The Middle Of The Night For Help.

Source: Reddit

It’s currently 4:30am. I was sleeping in bed with my girlfriend when all of a sudden I heard the door creak open. I opened my eyes and saw my girlfriend’s daughter in the doorway. She noticed I opened my eyes and silently tip toed to me. She told me she threw up in the trash can in her room and then said she doesn’t feel good at all.

I got up and she held my hand as I walked to her bedroom and saw the vomit in her trash can. I put my hand on her forehead and she was on fire. I tried to work quickly as possible to get rid of the trash bag and fill it with a new and clean one. She ran into the bathroom and began throwing up even more. I lightly taped the door and whispered to her, “Can I come in?” She goes, “Yeah you can, dad.”

She was extremely sick in the bathroom. My heart hurt for her cause stuff like this really takes a toll on her.

I went through the medicine cabinet to find flu medication. Once I found some, I gave it to her.

I brought a trash can into the living room and brought some pillows and blankets out. I put on spongebob but left the volume low. I told her to come lay down and I’ll get her some water. She asked me to stay because she felt so sick and was scared to be alone.

After I got her some water, we both laid on the couch together, cuddling and watching spongebob.

She goes, “My real dad never helps me like this when I’m sick.”

I didn’t really know what to say. I was furious with her bio dad.

She eventually started drifting asleep. I felt my eyes get heavy too. Then I heard her say,

“I love you dad. Thank you for taking care of me.”

Would be lying if I didn’t say I felt tears in my eyes. I love my girlfriend’s kids as if they were my own. I love when they call me dad.

I would sacrifice myself for my girlfriend and her kids. They’ve given me so much and I could never repay them.

I’m such a lucky guy.

I told her I love her too.

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