Little Girl Who Lost Her Grandmother Did THIS To Remember Her.

How many acts of kindness have you done lately? Think you could do 600? One little girl did, and here is certainly a story of kindness.

Way back in March of 2015… can you remember back that far….a little eight-year-old girl completed 600 acts of kindness in memory of her late grandmother.

Alex McKelvey of Washington state thought of the idea two years before that after losing her grandmother, Linda. She actually set out to complete 60 random acts of kindness by March 22, 2014 – which would have been her grandmother’s 60th birthday. But because she enjoyed giving happiness to so many others, the first-grader decided she would, instead, do 600 acts of kindness by March 22, 2015.

Says Alex’s mom, Sarah: “We bought coffee, ice cream, donated various things, went to IHOP and left a very cool tip for one of our waitresses, and we ended the day by going on a toy shopping spree for St. Jude’s’ Children’s Hospital. Alex had so much fun that day, you could see the joy on her face and so we said why not add an extra zero and go for 600?”’

And Alex was just fine with that, saying she wanted to do thousands… then a million… and that she wanted to reach so many people.

Here are a few of the acts of kindness by Alex and her mom: They volunteered at food kitchens, gave gifts to teachers and staff at school, handed out care packages and candy treats, and gave out laundry pots filled with quarters and detergent to people at a laundromat.

Says Sarah: “We’re not rich or close to it. But we decided to use our finances a little differently. We’re giving up a few luxury things, and we’ve chosen to live a simple life.’

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