Little Girl’s Unique Way Of Celebrating Her Birthday Gets Worldwide Attention.

Kendra Gauthier from the Homeless Coalition in Alexandria, Louisiana, and 8-year-old Jordan Burch appeared on TV to promote the Freeze to the Finish 5K. It was called Freeze to the Finish because it was in the middle of last February. Just before the run, Jordan herself had raised over $900 for the homeless.

When Jordan was 6, she and her family took a trip to New Orleans, and she became very aware of so many homeless people. And it broke her heart. So, for Jordan’s 8th birthday, she wanted to hold a 5K run to raise money for the homeless, and she encouraged everyone to give so they could be “homeless heroes.”

It was an event where people could sacrifice the warmth and comfort of their homes to do something out in the cold, which homeless people face all too much.

Jordan, herself, refused any parties or gifts from her family, asking them, instead to give to the homeless.

Hopefully, she had many more people contribute to the cause.

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