Little Girl’s Unique Way To Pay Off Fellow Students Debt Captures Millions Of Hearts.

They say When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. And that’s a great way to view things. But that can go a little deeper for some young ones who run their own lemonade stands, and here are 10 stories of why some kids set up their lemonade stands.

1. In Hayden, Idaho, second-grader Amiah Van Hill has a big purpose when she sets up her lemonade stand on her driveway. She actually calls it her “Lemonade for Lunch” stand, and uses the money she takes in to pay for school lunches for students who cannot afford them.

She might take in about $40 on a weekend, but her ultimate goal is $23,000. Her mom has helped her set up a GoFundMe page, in hopes of paying for lunches throughout her school district.

2. A few years back, a big tree fell on a woman’s house in Springfield, Virginia, and caused about $200,000 in damage. Eight-year-old Johnny Karlinchak gave his neighbor, Elissa Myers, all the money he had in the world to help with the repairs. It was a dollar 25.

When Johnny realized that didn’t put much of a dent in the woman’s $500 insurance deductible, he immediately set up a lemonade stand on the sidewalk in front of their homes.

The first day brought in $21. A few days later, it made $108. And it wasn’t much longer after that that Johnny had collected enough to present his neighbor with enough to cover her deductible.

Johnny lost his sister a few years earlier in a car accident, and the neighborhood rallied behind his family, raising $38,000 for a playground to be erected in the little girl’s name.

3. In Oklahoma, 6-year-old A’Layah Robinson spent her younger years being moved from foster home to foster home until her “forever mom” adopted her and her two little siblings.

She knew how tough it was being in that situation, and not having any toys to play with or nice clothes to wear. So she set up a lemonade stand and put any money raised from it to buy love packages for foster children, with each child she could help getting a backpack with a blanket, a stuffed bear, a Bible and a toothbrush.

Once, she pulled in $1,400 and a GoFundMe page raised another $6,000.

Says A’Layah: “I don’t need donations (but) the foster kids do.”

4. A 7-year-old boy in a small Oregon town sells lemonade to help his mom. Luke Engleman’s mother, Lisa, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and he wanted to do whatever he could to save her life.

Says Luke: “It’s not that easy to get rid of.”

Luke’s very proud mom wrote on Facebook that his lemonade stand has raised more than $3,900.

Luke says: “We have to get rid of it.”

5. Way back in 2004, 8-year-old Alexandra Scott was battling cancer, and she told a reporter that she wanted to raise a million dollars from her lemonade stand for research because all kids deserved to have their tumors go away.

Well, Alexandra died later that year, but her legacy continues with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, which has inspired so many throughout the nation.

Since her death, the foundation has raised more than $80 million.

6. 5-year-old Na’ama of Toronto, Canada, started a lemonade stand to raise money to help her 7-year-old brother, Nadav, who suffering from Angleman Syndrome, a rare disorder that affects the nervous system.

She had hoped to raise $100 to find a cure for it. She surpassed her goal… by a LOT. Like $25,000 a lot.

And her lemonade stand inspired a California man to do the same for his son, who was suffering from the same disorder, and he raised $20,000.

Now THIS is the kind of inspiration that needs to spread.

7. In 2013, 10-year-old Alyssa De La Sala’s Tampa, Florida, home was destroyed by fire. She and her family lost everything, but she did not lose her courage to help.

So, after a while of living in an apartment, she set up a lemonade stand, and when members of her community learned why, they stopped by in droves, with some even donating a thousand dollars for a single cup of lemonade.

When that one day of selling lemonade was over, Alyssa had raised more than $10,000 to help her family rebuild a home.

This is what can happen when a community bands together.

8. In Raleigh, North Carolina, 11-year-old Aniyah Williams and 12-year-old Isaiah Lattimer started a lemonade stand so they could buy some new clothes and some school supplies. They did this so their families, who did not make much money, would not have to worry about that expense.

A woman who lives in the area, Geraldine Alshamy, could see that the kids were working hard to help their families out, so she decided to buy them a tent to work under, a table and even helped them with a lemonade recipe.

After awhile, local grocery stores were donating lemons to them and police were giving them water. After a month, they had raised more than $800. Another great example of people helping people.

9. 10-year-old Vivienne Harr set up her lemonade stand for an extremely noble reason – to end child slavery. She made this her goal after seeing a picture of two young Nepalese slaves. The money she makes from her lemonade goes to charities that fight to end child slavery.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg heard about Vivienne and her cause and invited her to sell her lemonade in Times Square. She did, and made more than $101,000. After that, her parents told her she did it and she was done. She looked up at them and asked if child slavery is done.

When they shook their heads No, she said, “Then I’m not done.”

10. Eight-year-old Ulises Ornelas of Garden City, Kansas, suffered from a rare neurological disorder where tangled masses of blood vessels formed on his brain that affected his ability to walk. Some time later, he had to have brain surgery in an attempt to repair that. While recovering, his sister suggested to him that he run a lemonade cart in the hospital, and that turned out to be a pretty sweet idea.

One of his nurses helped Ulises make the cart and he was able to incorporate it into his therapy. In one day, he made $54, and has donated all he’s raised to the pediatric unit of his hospital.

So Ulises did something good, while making himself a better person.

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