Lorry Driver Rescues A School Boy From The Teenage Thugs.

Big rigs can be seen travelling the highway across the world but just how tough are those big rig drivers. Here are 10 stories were those though guys show another side.

1. Sean Swan was driving his big rig through West Midlands, England in October when he spotted three teenage thugs beating up on another boy as they tried to steal his bike.

Sean watched as the boys punched and held him in a choke hold until he couldn’t stand any more. He stopped his rig in the middle of traffic and ran to the boys without regard for his own safety.

He then yelled at them and they took off. Sean then took the beat up boy back to his semi to comfort him until police arrived.

2. During a recent flood in Johannesburg, a big truck driver swam out to rescue a woman who was trapped in her car under water.

He was able to pull her from her vehicle and swam back to his truck with the woman on his back. Despite numerous attempts to revive her, the woman died.

3. In Farmington, Missouri, during November, a Corvette caught fire just off Highway 67, with the driver still stuck inside it. A passing truck driver slammed on his brakes and ran over to the man, enduring the extreme heat, and was able to free the trapped man.

After saving his life, the trucker patted the man on the shoulder and said, “I need to get back on the road.” Then he left, with no one knowing who he was.

4. Truck driver Kevin Kimmel made a call to the FBI after seeing a woman peek out of a van at a gas station in Richmond, Virginia. A man then got into the van and it started rocking. Kevin’s alert thinking to contact authorities resulted in a 20-year-old malnourished woman being saved from an online prostitution scheme.

Aldair Hodza and Laura Sorenson, of Iowa, had kidnapped the woman and tortured her by hammering nails into her feet and burning her with keys heated over a stove. The two have been charged in the abduction and torture.

Says the trucker who saved the woman, “I’ve got daughters and granddaughters. I’m just happy I helped her.”

5. Big truck driver Bob Rennie had followed a swerving car for four minutes before deciding to take some very drastic action, thinking “he’s going to kill somebody!”

So Rennie sped his rig past the vehicle and stopped in front of the out-of-control car, all the while waving at other motorists to warn them.

The driver, an elderly man, had suffered a diabetic seizure and was going in and out of consciousness. The man was fortunately conscious long enough to be able to stop his car. Bob ran over to him and gave him water and some food before an ambulance arrived.

6. In Washington, after an American bald eagle flew into the windshield of a moving truck, the unnamed driver did probably what any true American would do. He stopped his rig off of State Road 16, picked up the bird and held it closely until wildlife agents could arrive. The driver said the eagle was conscious but was in shock.

Police, who also arrived at the scene, took photos of the driver holding the eagle. The bird was taken to the West Sound Wildlife Shelter but, unfortunately, died a short time later of blunt force trauma to the chest.

7. Last May, semi driver Richard Hughes deliberately drove his big rig off the highway to avoid hitting several people gathered around another accident on the road.

Hughes, with only a split-second to make a crucial decision, drove his truck off of Tulsa’s Inner Dispersal Loop, slammed into a sign and went up a concrete embankment before crashing.

He was trapped inside his cab for two hours before firefighters were able to free him. His foot was pinned between the truck and a street pole and he suffered a broken leg.

8. A 1-year-old girl was crawling along Highway 72 in Carlton, Georgia, when truck driver Bryant Collins spotted her. He slammed on his brakes, pulled over and took care of the baby girl until police arrived.

Investigators said the girl crawled 300 yards from her home, had fallen down an embankment and was right next to the highway when the truck driver came upon her.

The girl’s father, Timothy Pickens, was charged with child cruelty, reckless conduct and obstruction. So not only did the truck driver save the girl from highway traffic, he may have saved her from her own father.

9. Near Biloxi, Mississippi, as many motorists watched in horror as flames began spreading in a wrecked car carrying a woman and her one-year-old granddaughter, David Frederickson jumped from his rig with a fire extinguisher and began fighting the blaze.

The trucker’s actions inspired other truckers near the scene. David and four other men then managed to pulled the woman and her granddaughter out of the burning vehicle before it exploded into an inferno. All survived.

10. 13-year-old Kian Babcock has autism. And one of his biggest dreams was to ride in a big 18-wheeler. So he went online and asked if anyone could give him a ride in one. But because of Kian’s condition, he made several spelling mistakes and was terribly ridiculed for it in responding posts.

But truck driver Stuart Bain seen his post and wanted to do something very special for Kian. So he set up a fundraising page to help the boy out. In just 24 hours, the page had raised $1,400.

Kian’s Facebook page was then inundated with drivers wanting to give him a ride, and some 50 drivers drove to meet him and let him a ride in their rigs, honk their horns and flash their lights… giving Kian a day he’ll never forget. 

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