Lost My Cool And Yelled At My Daughter, Her Reaction Cured My Bad Mood.

Source: Reddit

This was a while back when I was desperately trying to get her caught up with her Google classroom assignments. Little did I know that her dad had lazily been marking most of them as done, despite obviously not being done, on days she was with him.

I feel bad for her, being 8 and not understanding why she’s suddenly presented with this mountain of schoolwork. Not her fault, but the whole situation had me so stressed. All the whining, complaining, and just an uphill battle every step of the way.

We had an especially bad day, so I left her with her tablet and went to take a much needed shower (gross). I hear some weird thumping sounds, and some little footsteps sprinting towards the door and my first thought is, oh, great, she’s throwing a tantrum.

She bursts through the door and I let her have it. “Can’t I have 10 MINUTES ALONE? Etc etc”, my rant went on for awhile. No response so I peek through the curtain and she’s just standing there waiting, with a goofy smile on her face and rolled up (really tight) in her favorite blanket.

“Momma look, I’m a slug :D” and then she flops to the ground and… slides? Out the door. Complete with sound effects. And wiggles an arm free to close it behind her. When I got out of the shower she’d slid a picture she drew under the door. It was a t-rex. Made out of rocks. With the title t-rocks. I love this little insane person.

I figured, f*** it, if her dad can take a break every day, we can take one for PART of a day. Spent the rest of the day goofing around and eating junk food. Glad I have her to lighten me up when I need it. She teaches me things too 😅

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