Loving Husband Walks 6 Miles To Visit His Love.

Luther Younger lives in Rochester, New York. And everyday, he walks 6 miles to visit his sick wife in the hospital.

Luther is 99 years old. He’s been married to his wife, Waverlee, for the past 55 years, and he says she’s the “sweetest cup of tea he’s ever had.” And now, as she lies in a hospital bed, Luther walks three miles come rain or shine or snow or whatever… just to see her, and three miles to get back home, and he’s become something of a celebrity for doing it.

He could easily get a ride to the hospital, but he doesn’t want to bother anyone with it. Luther is not your typical 99-year-old, as if you hadn’t realized that about him already.

He gets up in the morning and does several push-ups, and he’s ready to go for the day. He’s not low-key… he’s pretty hyper, especially for someone with his advanced age. But that’s Luther. Actually, Luther RUNS more than he walks to Strong Hospital.

Waverlee has been in and out of there several times over the past 9 years dealing with the terrible reality of a brain tumor. When she first started going to the hospital, doctors gave her no more than 5 years to live. Well she proved them wrong. Sometimes Luther will spend the night in her room, sleeping on the floor. That’s his way.

Says Luther: “People tell me to act my age — yeah, right. They’re jealous because I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, because it’s no good. I wouldn’t be here if I did.”

When it comes right down to it, Luther loves Waverlee more than anything. And he’s determined to proved that to her every day. She really has no reason to doubt it. 

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