Lucky Lottery Winner Thanks Shopper For Queue Jump.

32-year-old Arron Walshaw of West Yorkshire, rushed into a convenience store with a panicked look on his face. He knew it was only minutes before the cutoff of the weekly lottery.

Apparently, the customer in front of him could tell he was in a big hurry, so she insisted Arron move in front of her to buy that lottery ticket. Then Arron, a plasterer, went home, where he and his fiancee, Ceri Hall, counted pennies for their upcoming camping trip.

But the next day, Arron realized he didn’t have to count pennies anymore. He was a millionaire. That lottery ticket he had bought the night before with only seconds to spare…. was the big winner. And now with the instant fortune, Arron and Ceri are now planning a big, lavish wedding.

But he’s very well aware that if it wasn’t for the kindness of that lady who insisted he go in front of her at the convenience store, Arron would still be counting pennies. So he wants to try to find her and thank her for changing his life and that of his fiancee.

And, hopefully, if he does finds her, he can thank her in a big way. 

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