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Madonna Looks Unrecognizable At the Grammys, Leaving Fans Shocked And Confused.

There were many memorable moments during Sunday night’s Grammys broadcast (hello, new sad Ben Affleck meme), but none matched the outpouring of affection for Madonna’s face. The 64-year-old seemed drastically different on the program, leading many to speculate that she had had cosmetic surgery.

People were very mean about how Madonna looked, and many made fun of the changes to her face on social media. Several Twitter users linked her portrait to other unfavorable images, such as the Saw franchise toy.

Many of her harshest detractors blamed Madonna’s appearance on cosmetic surgery, arguing that she went too far in her effort to seem younger.

While the Twitter audience was downright rude at times and poked fun of Madonna’s looks, her Instagram fans were kinder in their judgments.

Many individuals eventually came to Madonna’s defense. Some reminded their followers that Madonna’s whole idea from the beginning was that everybody should be able to be themselves.

Madonna, in actuality, is now in her 60s. There are a lot of reasons why she could look the way she does today, and none of us should pass judgment.

Perhaps Madonna isn’t getting too worked up by the negative replies. We’re guessing she was pleased with how she appeared based on how confidently she strutted her stuff on stage last night.

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