Madonna, 63, shows off her VERY smooth visage as she attends fight with her son

On Saturday, Madonna attended the Davis vs. Romero boxing event for the WBA World Lightweight Championship at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

The singer, 63, attended the battle wearing a black Balenciaga jacket and pink sunglasses. She wore multiple silver necklaces and wore her blonde hair in a poker straight way. The singer was joined by her 16-year-old son David Banda, who looked dapper in a red v-neck sweater.

Madonna’s appearance comes after she was barred from going live on Instagram last week after repeatedly breaching the app’s rules with her naked photos.

After realizing she was unable to broadcast live to her 18 million followers due to ‘breaking Community Guidelines’ on the app, the singer vented her displeasure, with a later notice advising users not to ‘spam’ or ‘share nudity.’

Madonna, who shared a video of the time she discovered she had been restricted, stated, she has never worn so many garments in her life, despite having previously had racy footage erased by the app.

‘Not Us!!!! breach of community norms………..’ she captioned the video.

Madonna pondered if her post on NFT films last week, which contained explicit digital scans of her own vagina, as well as nude portrayals of herself giving birth to trees, butterflies, and robotic centipedes, could be blamed in a video on her stories.

Madonna observed after describing herself as ‘speechless,’ it’s odd, they’re being incredibly cryptic about why, they’re not giving her a reason. It’s a bureaucracy within a computer.

She hasn’t done anything recently, nothing out of the ordinary this week… it may be a delayed reaction to her NFTs last week. She is sorry for disappointing everyone; she was looking forward to this. She vows her loyalty to the censors.

Madonna was mocked online when she posted her explicit NFT videos on her social media sites.

Madonna collaborated with digital artist, graphic designer, and animator Beeple (actual name Michael Joseph Winkelmann) to create the three NFT films, which offer nothing to the imagination.

Close-up pictures of the Like a Virgin singer’s vagina, which were made using scans of the singer’s own genitals – and which provoked the greatest uproar and anger on social media – are among the most graphic features of the films.

The videos are no longer visible on her Instagram profile, however it is unknown if they were withdrawn by herself or by Instagram.

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