Mailman notices the infant alone outdoors, he enters the house and discovers the mother unconscious.

Postal employees go to great lengths to ensure that you receive your magazines and cards on schedule. They are there to do their job, whether it is in the freezing wind chills of winter or the heat and humidity of summer.

Stephen Garofalo has been a mail courier for more than three decades.

With all of the years he’d spent working as one, he’d gotten intimately acquainted with his surroundings. He can readily detect anything out of place.

When he noticed a wandering youngster, he realized immediately that something was amiss.

He’s seen the youngster before on that exact path. It was rare for him to be outside by himself.

He instantly inquired of the boy as to the whereabouts of his mom.

The youngster was definitely terrified. But, rather than responding directly, the small kid could only point to his house.

Stephen remembered that she was slumped over his stroller as went up there. She was unresponsive and unconscious.

When he poked the woman and received no response, he realized it was a medical emergency. He contacted 911 right away.

The first responders arrived at the woman’s home as quickly as they could. They provided first aid and transported her to the hospital.

They noticed that the woman had an adverse response to several of the drugs she was taking.

It knocked her out as she was caring for her son. The physicians stated that if Stephen had not been present, the EMT would not have been at her residence as swiftly.

Stephen views the episode to be the most significant in his profession.

He received a Life-Saving Award for his efforts. It was presented to him at a commendation ceremony held immediately at the post office where he works.

Despite being hailed as a hero, Stephen regards it as simply another day at the office.

He doesn’t consider himself a hero, he explained. He was simply at the right place at the right moment. Someone was in difficulty, and he assisted them.

Despite his refusal to regard himself a hero, the lady feels he is a wonderful guy.

She stated that in general, he’s an excellent man. One does not see him as a postman; one sees him as one of the other males that go around the neighborhood. To be honest, he’s just another neighbor.

Stephen deserves the honor, regardless of what he believes.

He, too, deserves to be praised. He definitely has a good heart. He might have ignored the youngster and continued his job, but he paused to ensure that all was well. And it was a great thing he did it. If he hadn’t taken action, the poor youngster may have lost his mother.

As a result, many individuals believe he deserves more than simply an award. One YouTube viewer made the following comment:

“A TRUE HERO, hats off to him, he deserves more than a raise.”

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