Maintenance Guy Can’t Stand 200+ Elderly Residents Being Exploited By A Shameless TV Company, Makes Them Regret It.

Nothing is more aggravating than being deprived of the enjoyment of your favorite shows due to faulty software and careless suppliers. In this story below for over a year, the residents of this elderly care home had been having problems with their TV service provider, and the maintenance man chose enough was enough. Scroll down to know what happened after that and share your views on this.

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I’m the maintenance director at an independent senior living center. It’s pretty much an apartment complex in which you have to be a senior citizen to reside. We provide three meals a day, housekeeping, activities, a bus for transportation, and several other amenities to increase the quality of life because more times than not, they will spend the final years of their life here.

Our facility is family owned and orientated, family members of current employees are encouraged to apply for positions. We have one rule in our employee handbook; Ensure resident safety, happiness, and prolongment of life.

I take my job very seriously and take pride in it. I try to go above and beyond to make them all happy.

Each resident during the daytime either listens to the radio, plays crossword puzzles, or most of the time watches their favorite TV shows.

We do not provide television service, each resident has to provide it themselves, if they choose.

Over the last year there has been a trend of televisions not working in countless units and when this happens they are very upset.

When I get a work order for a TV, I go and check it out. Most of the time there is nothing I can do. If the cable isn’t cut, everything is plugged in, and there is no obstruction to the satellite signal, it’s going to be a software issue.

When this happens I install an air antenna until their regular service is fixed.

I can the company and a tech comes out, fixes it, and usually within a couple hours it stops working again.

This is a never-ending cycle of upset residents.

Over the course of an entire year I spoke with several supervisors and tried to schedule for someone to come out and go through the entire property with me to address each issue.

They weren’t having that. They wanted me to go to each individual unit and have that particular resident call them. This is almost impossible.

A lot of them have trouble hearing and discussing complex matters over the telephone, let alone know the four digit code and the answer to the secret question.

One resident was out of service for over 60 days and I demanded that they refund or discount this particular resident properly. They ended up only giving her $21 off, which isn’t even half of a single month’s payment.

When I spoke with this particular representative I told them that wasn’t enough and I would be throwing all of their dishes in the dumpster.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

These companies have caused significant property damage to the facility. They’ve ran the coax in the gutters and down the downspouts. Ran cables draped over the sidewalk which is a tripping hazard. Installed dishes in the center of courtyards and wherever is convenient for them. All over the property cables ae strung out on top of the grass for hundreds of feet, they don’t bother to bury any cables.

I have discussed this numerous times with the owner of the facility last year. The last time I spoke with him about it, he gave me the okay to handle the situation and do whatever needed to be done to fix the issue.

My options were limited and the only feasible option I could concoct was using a land line company that didn’t need a satellite dish.

Well, I have officially finished running a new coax to every single unit and a landline company as came in and installed boxes and services in each residents apartment.

Residents who have previously had to pay a monthly fee for their television service now get their service free of charge, those that never had service now do.

We have saved over 50 residents money every month and all in total over 200+ now have television service that is included in their rent without any increase whatsoever.

This was revenge for the representative talking to Miss T in such a negative and rude tone.

I couldn’t be happier for my residents.

Our senior citizens are some of the most precious things in life, they hold all of our wisdom.

Good day!

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