Male Waiter Refused To Give Me The Food I Ordered Because He “Wanted To Protect My Slim Figure.”

(This story was sent to us by Olivia).

Source: Reddit

I love chicken, I think it is delicious. But it is NOT what I ordered. I ordered a pork taco salad at this Mexican restaurant. When the food came out I realized that it was CHICKEN, not pork. I flagged down my male waiter and pointed out the mistake. His response was winking at me and telling me he gave me the chicken instead because he wanted to help protect my slim figure. From his expression you could tell he expected me to thank him for being considerate. 

Instead I asked for the manager, who thankfully was a woman, and got me the pork taco salad instead. The male waiter was fired and I am ok with that.

How would you handle such a situation ?

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