Man asks if he was wrong for refusing to get pregnant wife ice cream at 3 AM.

Source: Reddit

“Hey everyone! Im (30-year-old male), my wife is (29-year-old female).”

“Yesterday night my wife at 3AM woke me up and said ‘babe, I want something to eat’.’ I wake up and say ‘hmm ok what do you want to eat?’“

“She says ‘I want some ice cream,’ I said ‘ok I’ll get you some from downstairs. Which one do you want, the vanilla or the chocolate one?’”

“She said ‘I don’t want none of those, I want this breyers reese ice cream. I want that one, get me that.’ I said ‘but babe we don’t have any of those.’“

“She then says ‘well get me some please? I’m your wife. Come on? you know I got a baby in my stomach you’re feeding two people.’“

“Keep in mind, we live in a rural area with a small population. Convenience stores, and grocery stores don’t open till 6AM where we live. None of them do.”

“The only one that is open is the Circle K one which is at least almost 2 hours from where we live, that’s in the city nearby. We live in a rural area.”

“So driving 2 hours just to get ice cream doesn’t make sense.”

“I thought about looking into ordering that ice cream on go puff, or ubereats and I checked on my phone that none of that is available in our zip code.”

“So then I told my wife ‘well babe I guess you got to wait, sorry. I can get you some when it turns 6 but there is still 3 hours left. I mean we still have chocolate, and vanilla ice cream at home. You can eat that and when it turns 6 I’ll drive over and get you that it’s not a problem.’“

“Then my wife just makes a grunt noise and says ‘fine.’ Turns out my wife texted her dad about it and he called me up and asked me why I didn’t get his baby girl the food she wanted.”

“I told him that we live in a rural area, and stores don’t open till 6. We don’t have any delivery options nearby and I can get it for her at 6 but not now.”.

“He told me I was being a bad father for not helping my pregnant wife” I need some advice on if I’m wrong. What should I do?

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