Man asks if he was wrong to refuse SIL’s demand to buy a new baby shower gift.

Financial insecurity is a difficult situation to be in. You don’t want to have to ask for assistance, but there may be instances when you must. What occurs when your family is unconcerned about your financial situation? In this story a man wonders if he was wrong to decline to purchase his SIL a baby shower present after she turned down his homemade one. Read the story and let us know how you would deal with the situation.

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Due to financial challenges I am currently broke right now. This coincided with my sister in law’s baby shower. It’s the first baby born to any of my siblings so it’s a big to do. I had money set aside but had to use it to cover some unexpected expenses that came up with my car. By the time I got things sorted and got around to the registry, the smaller items were gone and all that was left were the big ticket ones of 100+ dollars which honestly I can’t afford. But I can knit pretty well and have a yarn stash so in downtime between work, and general life I knitted up a baby blanket for my new niece. I did pick up some smaller items too, pacifiers, some of those little texture books and whatnot.

I was working double the night of the shower so I didn’t get to go so the weekend after I swung by my brother’s place and gave the blanket and small items to them. My sister in law was peeved and gave me back the blanket for being the ‘wrong color’. It was a deep navy blue yarn and I guess it’s a boys color, whatever. I was annoyed but one of my friend’s had a baby recently so I decided I’d give it to her. I left the smaller items and went home a little miffed but whatever. Few days pass and my brother calls and says my sister in law is asking what I’m planning to get them so they can start planning the nursery layout.

I was just sorta like WT# and pointed out that I had already given them my gift and his wife gave it back. Won’t get into the whole convo but basically they said I went off the registry so they’re still expecting something from me since I’m the uncle. Most of the small big ticket items are now gone so I really honestly can’t afford anything left on the registry. I asked about the smaller items I gave them and my brother said his wife said those didn’t count, they asked for gifts off the registry, or I could make a blanket with the right colors.

Told my brother that hell no I wasn’t making another blanket, between work it took me almost a month to make that blanket and I used up 90% of my infrequent downtime to make it. Mom says they’re right, I’m not supposed to give them something off the registry and as immediate family I should buy them something they asked for, dad’s stance is ‘why are you as a grown a** man knitting’ and sister in law is giving me the cold shoulder, brother is I don’t even know at this point. Says he’s sorry but asking me to give in just to make it go away. I don’t have any clue how any of this baby shower stuff works so am I a Jerk? What should I do? 

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