Man asks if he’s wrong to refuse to give fiancé’s life insurance money to her family.

When a loved one dies, the individuals left behind frequently dispute about who truly receives their assets. Things might get out of hand, particularly when individuals are in mourning. Read the story to know what happened when a fiance lost his girlfriend in a horrible accident and what do you think he should do?

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I (M40) was going to refuse to help my ex fiance’s family. It’s been ten years and my head is still not okay. When I was 30 and my girlfriend, MG, was 24 she was hit by a car. She had moved across the country to be with me after she finished university.

She took a long time to die. Long enough for her parents to come and forbid me from going to the hospital to be with her.

When she died they took the body back to Maine and told me not to come to the funeral. They said that they would have me removed. I respected their wishes

I had to find out where her grave was from one of her old roommates.

I only went to see it once because her mom was there with her little brother when I went. She lost it on me. It was my fault that she was in a city far from her family and it would not have happened if I hadn’t dragged her to California. He told me he hated me like only a seven year old can.

So I left. And never went back. I was broken for a long time. I eventually met my wife and we have been married for almost a year now.

I was working for a FAANG company when MG died. I was the beneficiary of her life insurance. I was having trouble concentrating at work so I took a leave of absence. After a couple of months of trying to join her I realized she would hate what I was doing to myself. So I resigned from my job and used the insurance money to fund my own little start-up.

I’m not Oprah rich but I do okay. MG’s little brother was recently accepted to an Ivy League school. I know this because he and his parents all reached out to see if I would give them the insurance money to help with his tuition.

These are people who I thought would be in my life forever and they abandoned me at the lowest point in my life. I had friends but I have no other family. They didn’t just abandon me. They made it worse.

Now they need my help. They say that if I don’t give them the money they will have to take out a mortgage on their house to pay for his education. They said I was in the wrong to even keep the money and that it should have gone to them to begin with.

I loved these people once but they destroyed me. The money they want is negligible to me. I could give it to them without in any way compromising my lifestyle. I want to brag about how little it will affect me but I feel petty. It’s just not much to me but it is life changing to them.

My wife says it’s my choice. I want to punish them for how they treated me. But I know MG would want me to help her family.

Am I Wrong if I don’t give them the money?

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