Man Blames Himself When His Girlfriend Was Harassed By A Drunk Man.

Source: Reddit

It was late and we were walking about the park. I went to the Restroom. I come back and some jackoff is sexually harassing with my g/f. She’s very uncomfortable (doing her best not to panic) and lets him know so and that her boyfriend is nearby. He’s not listening. I approach him and kindly tell him to leave her alone or I’ll call the Police. Dude is very clearly drunk as I can smell the beer on him. As we turn to leave he grabs her ass and tells her to leave me and come to him. I turn around and hit him. My girlfriend has been a victim of sexual assault before and she’s doing her best not to breakdown. I’ll spare you the details other then I got my ass kicked. He left after that. My girlfriend had a panic attack in the car after that.

I just feel letdown. I couldn’t help her. I feel embarrassed, emasculated. She’s been a victim of sexual assault before so this harassment is traumatic. I wasn’t able to help her. I wasn’t there for her. I feel worthless. I could have held it in, I could have just left earlier like she wanted. Its been two days and she’s still traumatized over it. She has an emergency therapy meeting today and hasn’t been to work. She’s been crying and I’ve attempted to help her but, it’s clear I can’t.

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