Man Cancels Holiday Trip When Wife And Her Kids Didn’t Help Him In An Emergency.

Family love may serve as the basis for some of our most profound and significant relationships. In happiness and in times of sorrow or emergency one relies on family. Read this story to know why the husband was upset with his family and what would you do in such a situation?

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My husband and I have been together for 4 years. I have two kids (17m /19f). and their half brother is 3 years old.

this past week. My husband had an emergency (dad had a medical emergency) and wanted someone to watch our son. He asked my older son and he refused because he was going out with friends. He also asked my daughter but she locked herself in her room to study. I was at the restaurant with my brother meeting his girlfriend for the first time. My husband ended up taking our son with him to the hospital and his mom watched him from there.

He came home and was lashing out on everybody. Calling us selfish and unfeeling. I tried to explain that the kids were busy but he told me to get the f out with that bull because my older son could’ve skipped the hangout and watched his brother and, my daughter could’ve watched her brother while studying instead of locking herself in her room. He scolded me as well but I told him I couldn’t leave lunch with my brother since he was visiting town and this was my only chance to meet his girlfriend.

He yelled some more than told us that he was canceling the family holiday trip for Christmas this year. The two older kids were upset and said it was unfair. I called him unreasonable to cancel the trip and punish the kids (and possibly me) like that. He refused to discuss it later. Now me and the kids aren’t speaking to him and he’s saying “good riddance”

edit My husband was supposed to watch our son at the time. That’s why I went to see my brother at the restaurant. The kids aren’t used to watching their brother when neither parent is home.

update My husband just told us that he’ll be spending christmas with his family saying he needs to be around his dad anyway. The kids said they will just go to their dad since they and my husband are still not talking. Neither of the kids are happy with how things turned out. so I feel like things have gotten out of hand and the problem has gotten bigger. He’s now choosing to basically abandon us on Christmas and also keep our son away from me and his siblings.

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