Man Chooses To Buy A Car For His Stepson Not For His Bio Kids. Ask If He Wrong.

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I just wanna say that I know I was an awful person back in the day and that that’s not what I’m here about.

I (37M) have a pretty bad past. I got married at 20, had a kid, had another kid, did drugs, drank way too much, and gambled all our money away, then cheated on my wife. She divorced me, got custody, and I barely ever saw the kids. I didn’t pay child support, I never visited, I just did drugs.

4 years ago I got sober. My kids are now 17M and 16F. I got a job, graduated from community college, got a good office job, got my own place and started paying child support (which I’ll have to pay for a long time, because there’s so many years I didn’t cover). I see my kids on the weekends now and we are slowly establishing a relationship again.

I have been dating my fiancee for a little over a year now, we live together and her son (16M) lives with us. For his birthday, we bought him a car.

For my son’s last birthday, I got him an xbox, and for my daughter’s, a new guitar.

When my ex found out about the car, she flipped out and said if I have extra money, I can buy stuff for my actual children who also want nice things. I told her I got my kids what they asked for on their birthdays, and if they want cars, I will gladly pay 50% of the cost (because I paid for 50% for my stepson, the other 50% was paid by my fiance). She called me a selfish AH and said I haven’t changed at all. What are your opinions? I need some advice on if I’m wrong. 

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