Man Complains Losing Attraction Towards Wife Because Of Her Weight.

Every marriage has its highs and lows. While most marriages work well some don’t. Read this story to know what happened between this couple and do you agree with the husband’s thinking.

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Let me start off and be clear. I love my wife. She’s a great person and she balances out my hardened nature with her kindness.

However I’ve lost pretty much all attraction towards her. When we first met she was never a small gal and that is completely ok, but she has put on probably 200lbs or so since we met. and about 140-150lbs since we’ve been married and its only been 4.5yrs total.

I stopped initiating intercourse gradually and I honestly didn’t even notice it at first. Not until she broke down and started asking if I was cheating because we hadn’t been deeply intimate for 2-3 weeks. Then I was thinking, “Wow she’s right.” So I started paying more attention and I really just started noticing why.

The come-to-Jesus moment was when I saw her getting out of the shower and her stomach was flopped over her pelvic area and her boobs were just resting on her extended stomach. I was just thinking… “Whoa, I have zero interest in my own wife’s body.”

She knows she is overweight. We bought an exercise bike and got her on a Noom regiment. But she quit after maybe 3 weeks. I told her how I’m feeling and that it’s having a direct effect on my physical attraction. That was an incredibly hard conversation to have. I’m not a particularly emotional person and we both cried during that convo. And for her to just quit casually makes me think she doesn’t care about the relationship anymore. I’ve tried encouragement but ultimately, we’ve fallen back into the sexless marriage routine. She wants kids and honestly I can barely maintain an erection during sex, let alone orgasm. I have to pretend I’ve ejaculated so she is content and doesn’t have an emotional breakdown. I know that is a little bit of enabling but it seems like that is something I could never tell her.

I’m starting to feel like I’m doomed to either be one of those stupid “Revenge weight loss” divorce stories or even worse, If we don’t make it, she eats herself to death.

But I no longer want children with a mother that can’t even go on a hike or do the most mundane physical activities without making an excuse. A “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” isn’t the life I want for my future kid(s).

In a rare instance in my life, I have absolutely no idea what to do. Any ideas how to broach the subject again with a more successful narrative?

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