Man Devotes His Life To Raise 12 Abandoned Baby Girls.

Yu is a very poor Chinese man. At 75, he’s now retired, but he used to earn a meager income at a mortuary in Wenzhou. He was 40 when he and his now-deceased wife adopted their first child, a baby girl.

A few years later, Yu found an infant girl had been dumped inside a box, so he adopted her. Just three days later, he found another abandoned girl near his home. And he adopted her as well. And despite living in poverty, Yu and his wife took in more and more children — 12 altogether.

One of them died, and Yu and his wife were so heartbroken, that they decided to give up several of them to families that were better off financially to care for them. That left them with 5 children. But even though there was very little money, all of those 5 children made it to college.

To show their love for him, those children bought him a gold ring for his 70th birthday. And Yu couldn’t be prouder of all his children. 

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