Man Didn’t Ask For Ex-Wife’s Help When Daughter Had Her First Period.

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EDIT I do not in any way shape or form limit contact or communication between my ex and our kids.

My ex wife works out of town. She works for two weeks and then gets a week off. I used to do that schedule as well, but I now work from home as a maintenance planner.

When we divorced, I got primary custody of our daughter and son since I was the one available to do the parenting.

I have very little interest in discussing anything with my ex. Yes, there is a lot of bitterness and recrimination in our relationship. I loved my ex with all my heart. And while I always thought she was beautiful, it wasn’t as easy for other people to see. However, when you are one of a dozen women in a 2,000 man work camp, you get a lot of attention. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

My daughter is ten years old, and she just got her first period. I grew up with sisters, and I am not a complete idiot, so I had read up on what to do. I had also talked to my mom and sisters about it. I had been prepared since she was 8. I gave her the boxes of pads and tampons. I explained to her that it was normal and healthy. I watched a video with her that was a tutorial on what to do. I also asked her if she would like to talk to either my sister or the woman I’m seeing about how to do everything right.

She said that she understood and would like to talk to my sister on the weekend. After dinner on Saturday, my sister talked to me about it. She said that I had gotten the basics correct and that there were only a couple of things she needed to explain or correct.

My ex called to talk to the kids yesterday and afterwards yelled at me on the phone. She called me an a**hole for excluding her from a milestone in her daughter’s life. I asked her if, if it had happened during her week with the kids, she would have told me about it. She said that wasn’t the point. It was a mother-daughter thing, and I took it away from her. I said it was a parent-child medical issue, and that made it a me thing.

I am a man, so maybe I just don’t get it. Am I wrong?

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