Man Drops His Wife And Walks To Young Man To Ask Him This.

In California, Chris Thorp had just picked up his wife from work and drove to a repair shop to pick up his wife’s car when he spotted a young man familiar to him. He had burn scars on his face and body. But Chris wasn’t sure… was that really him??

So Chris dropped off his wife and parked his car. He then walked over to the young man and asked “Is your name Christian?” The man said yes, that that was his name. Chris could hardly believe it. Then, just to make sure it was who he believed it was, Chris asked him if he had been involved in a fiery car accident when he was a child. And Christian said yes, he was in a terrible accident when he was about 4 years old. And it was then that Chris KNEW he had run into the same person.

It was 13 years ago when Chris was one of a few people who helped little Christian escape from a burning car after an accident on Highway 101. Chris and the others had beaten down the flames with their jackets to get to the little boy and pull him from the backseat of the burning car.

Chris and Christian exchanged stories of how their lives had been since that moment. Then, Chris reached into his pocket and pulled out something he had carried with him for the past 13 years. It was the Gold Medal of Valor, the award he was given for saving the young boy’s life. He handed it to Christian and said that he deserved it far more than him, because he was the brave one… braver than he could ever be.

Christian accepted the medal from Chris, and Chris felt really good about that. He had often wondered about that little boy and how he fared in life. And now he knew. And a big part of Chris was now at peace. 

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