Man Finds Out He Is Not The Biological Father Of Their 4Yr Old Son.

Source: Reddit

The paternity test results came back a few days ago but I haven’t had the heart to look at them until now. My “darling” wife passed away 10 months ago. She wrote a letter for me before she died but I couldn’t bring myself to read it until now.

She told me how sorry she was that she didn’t have the guts to tell me this to my face when she was alive. That there was a good chance my 4 year old son isn’t mine because she had a drunk one night stand with a stranger at her bachelorette party. Then fell pregnant soon after that, she couldn’t be sure who the father was because it happened only a few days before our wedding.

So she thought she’d rather drop this bomb on my life when I could no longer confront her about it. Now that my son would only have one parent looking out for him and she’d have no idea how I would even react. Maybe I should not have got the paternity test done. Maybe it might be better to live in ignorance.

But I just had to know. Now I do and I’m devastated. This doesn’t change how I feel about my son. He’s my whole world and he’s innocent. But boy does it hurt. There’s so much going on in my head right now. I haven’t stopped crying. Thank god my son is at my parents place for the day. I’d hate for him to see me like this.

My heart is broken. Haven’t touched the bottle in 8 months. Trying hard not to right now for his sake. I just needed to let this all out. Don’t have it in me to tell anyone in my life about this right now.

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