Man Finds Peace When Doctor Informs Him About His Wife’s Reports.

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I married the wrong person when I was young. I raised our two children until they were about 7, but than their mother (official Narcissistic personality disorder) managed to take them from me and completely brainwash them into despising me.

I spent about 10 years mourning the loss. Then spent another 10 years wishing for the opportunity to be a father in a loving mutually supportive marriage.

I met an amazing woman about 7 years ago and knew she’d be an amazing mom (and it was her lifelong dream, too). Problem was we’re both much older. We tried and met with tons of heartbreak (and financial pain). Down Syndrome, no heartbeat, unsuccessful implantation, and so on.

I didn’t want her to try again. The emotional and financial burden was heavy. Even more important, the toll of her body was extensive (severe morning sickness–Hyperemesis gravidarum– among other things). But she really wanted to try once more and we agreed that it was the last time.

Two babies, but the NIPT was inconclusive (same thing that happened with the baby with Down Syndrome). We accepted that it wasn’t meant to be and we’d just have a loving marriage and travel.

Fast forward–>amniocentesis showed both babies were healthy: one boy and one girl. My God how amazing this was! We had such terrible luck that I wasn’t going to celebrate until the 20 week scan. That turned out perfect too!

So now we are frantically preparing for our “happy problem” of twins and I couldn’t be happier. This is truly the happiest moment of my life. I met an amazing woman, we have an incredible dog (first one I’ve ever been able to have is treated like a baby), and now we have two beautiful twins to add to the family!

I’ve financially supported my first two kids all of the way to adulthood and my door will always be open to them should they want to try to have a relationship (sadly, I think they’d have to get away from their mother before they’d ever consider that).

But-that being said-nothing will stop me from raising these twins to be the most well-adjusted, healthy, successful, happy, wonderful members of society that they can be. And I get to do it all with whom I consider to truly be my soulmate.

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