Man Gets Leg Stuck At Train Station & Is Rescued In The Most AMAZING WAY.

One person can do a lot. But when many get together… there’s no telling the power they hold, and here are 10 stories of strangers who banded together and amazed everyone.

1. In Perth, Australia, a commuter’s leg became trapped between the train and the platform slightly above it. The man had slipped when his leg got caught.

Staff told commuters to get off the train and push the train off as much as they could, and some 50 commuters did just that.

Within a minute, the man’s leg was freed.

Said Claire Krol, a spokeswoman for the commuter service: “This is a real case of passengers working together… and People Power are the perfect words to describe it.”

2. Three swimmers off a beach in Buenos Aires, Argentina, were struggling terribly in the choppy waters, and the lifeguards stationed on the beach kept getting knocked back or overcome by monstrous waves. But then, something amazing happened.

Several along the beach quickly got together, formed a human chain and reached out into the waters to rescue the swimmers and lifeguards who went after them.

Once everyone was back on the beach, Everyone broke out in applause…. as well they should.

3. The recent Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, had everyone rooting for athletes from their own countries. Yes… that seems a little obvious thing. BUT… a group called the Korean Supporters were at the receiving airport yelling, cheering and waving flags for athletes from every country that participated.

The group has about 100,000 members, but 200 showed up at Seoul’s Incheon Airport to welcome and cheer on all the foreign athletes. And, somewhat surprisingly, they cheered as well for the arriving North Korean athletes.

Says Ki, the leader of the group: “We’re not going to treat the North Koreans as special. We’re going to support them like we do other nations.”

And that they did.

4. Matthew Howard Sr. and his 21-year-old daughter, Leeann, were just preparing to leaving an amusement park in New York last year when they both heard someone scream. When they looked up, they could see that a little girl was dangling out from a gondola skyride about 25 feet above them.

Others started gathering underneath the ride, which had stopped. The 14-year-old girl was hanging out from the car as her younger brother tried holding onto her, but he was losing his grip. Matthew yelled for the girl to jump, as there were now several people around him to catch her if she fell.

He yelled: “It’s ok to let go! I’ll catch you, honey… I’m not going to let you fall.”

A few seconds later, the girl did fall, and Matthew, true to his word, caught her, with the others around him helping as well. The young girl sustained no serious injuries.

(For licensing or usage, contact Girl falling from ride at 6 Flags Great Escape and they have NO means to rescue them. Thanks to the guys who banded together to catch her and the guy who climbed the tree to move the branches out of the way.

Posted by Loren Lent on Saturday, 24 June 2017

5. Two years ago in Dallas, when protests escalated to violence and police officers were shot and killed… well…. it’s hard to imagine any words to truly convey that tragedy. Police Chief David Brown couldn’t really either, except to say that police work is a job where you seldom hear the words “Thank you.”

But after that, hundreds who had gathered during the prayer service in a downtown park shouted “Thank you,” and then everyone there started hugging every police officer.

Says Senior Corporal Monica Cordova: “We were overwhelmed with grief. Now we’re overwhelmed with gratitude.”

6. 61-year-old Randy Kong is known as the Des Moines skywalk musician, with a booming voice heavy enough to shake nearby windows. He plays for whatever passers-by will drop into his guitar case, and he’s a happy guy whether he gets a dime or a $10 bill. Life is good either way.

Then, one day he was gone. And after another day or two, those who would normally pass him while he was singing noticed. Randy was in the hospital after he passed out in a bathroom from internal bleeding. It was an abdominal aneurism. That, along with congestive heart failure, kept him off the skywalk for several months. Randy’s doctor told him he should have died that night. But he didn’t. He survived. And he recovered. Then he returned to the skywalk with his guitar.

In a short time, 20 people had stopped to listen to him belt out his songs. A few minutes later, 40 were standing before him. And not long after that, more than 100 people had stopped to clap and listen to Randy and his music. And most forgot about where they were headed, and just stayed to listen to that man with the big, booming voice.

Even his competitors… other musicians on the skywalk… stopped what they were doing to walk over to the big crowd that had gathered and enjoy Randy’s music. And most every one of them dropped large amounts of money into his case, and let him know that they really missed him.

7. In East London, a young unnamed man was riding a unicycle on the street when he was hit by a double-decker bus and trapped under one of its wheels. Those walking the streets who witnessed the accident quickly came to his aid, but there was nothing they could do.

Then, dozens more people came up to the bus, some even from nearby restaurants who left their meals, and they all worked to push the bus up and off of the man. The man was taken to the hospital in serious but stable condition.

8. During the Luminato Festival in Toronto, 1,500 strangers were invited into an old, decommissioned power plant to do one thing: sing. They were led by singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright in singing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”

9. During a Dai Dorogu concert in Russia earlier this year, a man in a wheelchair was far back in the crowd.

When several concertgoers realized he couldn’t see anything from where he was, they hoisted him in his chair up to others, and they kept passing him to others in the crowd until he had a nice, front row view at the concert.

The band’s name, Dai Dorogu, by the way, aptly means in English, Clear the road.

10. How far would you go to save a trapped animal?

In Naples, Florida, two manatees swam up to the beach line, and were suffocating. About 18 people on the beach ran over to help the mammals.

And because of their weight, with each weighing about 500 pounds, it was definitely NOT an easy task.

But after about 2 and a half hours, with many involved in the rescue extremely sore, the manatees were finally able to swim off out in the ocean.

Mission…. might need some Tylenol after that… Accomplished.

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