Man Gives His Mom The Keys To His House When Wife Asked Not To, So She Changes The Locks, Making The Family Furious.

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My husband and I (both 30s) purchased a new house together last month. His mom nagged us for a copy of the key but I refused because in our old home, she kept letting herself in and invading our privacy. She begged, cried and even tried to send people to me to pressure me to agree.

I still refused but later I found out that my husband gave her a copy. I was livid. I had the biggest argument with him because of it. He said that it was done and that “there was NOTHING I can do about it”. I cried my eyes out in frustration but then I contacted a locksmith and had the lock changed.

My husband found out and went off on me saying I had no right to make such a decision on my own, but I replied that he didn’t consult me when he decided to let his mom have a copy of the key. I stated that I will not be living in paranoia in my own house anymore. He yelled at me asking what he should tell his mom now then stormed off.

His dad and family knew and started calling me petty and whatnot. He’s refusing to speak to me unless I “correct” my mistake. Am I Wrong for doing this?

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