Man Gives The Best Gift Ever To His Girlfriend’s Dog.

When you have a dog, you really should have a good yard for it. Bentley, a bloodhound, is a rescue dog. And he’s never really had a place to call his own. He suffers from a lot of medical conditions, as well as anxiety issues. Over time, he went through four owners before finally ending up with KaTarra Taylor of Colorado.

Bentley was 4 years old when she took him in. KaTarra’s home was his fifth, not because of his medical issues, but because of his destructive nature. He also was too aggressive.

Says KaTarra: “I was in a one-bedroom apartment but I couldn’t let him go back to the rescue again after not doing well at my parents home. I worked tirelessly to leash train him, treat his anxiety, diagnose and treat his severe allergies, and break his aggression.”

She soon moved into a townhouse with her boyfriend, Nick, and his own dog. It was bigger and it was nice, but it lacked something important; there was no yard for Bentley to play in.

KaTarra realized Bentley never really had a yard to run around in. So Nick spent about $400 and a weekend to turn a small patio area into a place especially designed for Bentley.

Now he can run around in it and hopefully work out some of those rough aggressions. And he certainly can relax in it, which he does.

Says KaTarra: “Bentley immediately laid down and just stayed there for several hours. He seems so happy with it.”

And you know what they say… a happy dog is… well, a happy dog.

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