Man ‘Hugged’ a Pregnant Woman To Protect Her as Shooter Opened Fire on NYC Train

Sole gunman aims a car full of morning travellers in New York City’s Brooklyn borough on Tuesday. The man unlocked fire soon after the N train left the 59th street stop, wounding numerous passengers on the train.

27 year-old Hourari Benkada was one of the fatalities and he shared that in the middle of the confusion and horror, sheltered a pregnant woman who was also on the train.

Benkada said from his hospital bed that he was gunshot in the back of the knee in the course of the outbreak at 8:30 in the morning April 12.

Benkada, wasn’t paying any close by attention similar to most other travellers as to what was going on around him. So he didn’t pay any notice when the shooter supposedly sat down next to him. Benakada was wearing earphones when he got on the train and the man next to him was wearing a mask.

Benakada said that the train had just pulled out of the station when the man sitting next to him detonated a smoke bomb that filled the car with smoke. Benkada was totally horrified but still tried to help other passengers in the train. There was a lady in front of him whom he was trying to help. She said that she is pregnant and Benkada hugged her to protect and then the bum rush continued.

Benkada said he was pressed during the rush and was shot in the back of his knee. He said that it was the worst pain of his entire life.

The gunman allegedly fired off 33 shots while the train was on move. The shooter finally got away but experts have acknowledged 62-year-old Frank James as a person behind the horrifying gunfire. The shooter left behind some bits of indication that helped police allegedly trace the crime back to James.

Cops also studied investigation footage of the sight and also were able to match the serial number on the gun to federal archives. Police department have since found James’ YouTube page that indicates into his mental state on the day of the gunfire.

James sister said that her brother didn’t suffer from mental disease but did say that she had slight interaction with him. However, she did express grief that there was a lot that went on through their lives.

James gunshot at least 10 people during the violence and at least 23 were wounded during the mayhem. It’s still not clear what charges will be knocking down against James and if he had gotten a lawyer as of yet.

Panicked crowds on New York City train after Brooklyn subway shooting

Witnesses saw passengers rushing out of the smoking New York City subway train after multiple shots were fired during rush hour. Sixteen people were injured and the gunman is still at large.

Posted by BBC News on Tuesday, 12 April 2022

James called over the police on his own after wandering the city without being detained for 29 hours. Later, James was found and detained in the East Village on April 13.

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