Man In His 20’s Gets Married To A 82Yr Old Woman.

28-year-old Sofian Dandel of Indonesia took a call from a woman who dialed his number by mistake. But, almost immediately, Sofian was taken by the woman’s voice. So much so, that he kept her on the line for nearly an hour just so he could hear her speak.

But before hanging up, Sofian was desperate to meet this woman…. this woman named Martha with the beautiful voice. He went to her house for that meeting, and when an elderly woman answered the door, he asked if he could see Martha. But, that elderly woman WAS Martha.

Martha, whose voice Sofian so quickly fell in love with, was an 82-year-old widow who did not mention her age while on the phone with him. The two actually chatted for hours, fell in love… and got married.

Because true love Does NOT have age limitations…. Ok, actually it does… you can’t be a little kid… but, hey, for the purposes of this story… 

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