Man Insist To Pay For The Stranger’s Groceries When Overhears This.

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Y’all. This gentleman right here is Barry. He paid for my groceries when I realized that I left my wallet in Emmy’s diaper bag. The cashier had finished ringing everything up and gave me my total. After I couldn’t find my wallet, the cashier and bagger graciously offered to suspend my order and put all my perishable items in a cooler so I could run home to get my wallet.

I explained that I live 20+ minutes away and by the time my kids and I would make it back an hour will have passed. It was already 7:00 and we still needed to eat dinner. I succumbed to the fact that I would have to put an order in online and pick it up the following day. Trust me, I realize that there are people with actual problems in this world, but at that moment, I felt completely defeated.

My husband had just left for Texas and would be gone for two weeks and there was still so much to do at home. My son, who just got done helping me put everything on the conveyor belt kept asking what was wrong. In my frustration and anger (toward myself) I said through clenched teeth “I don’t have my wallet, we have to leave”.

Now comes the good part. In steps Barry asking “how much is it?” I profusely refuse, but Barry’s persistent so I tell him my total. He hands his card to the cashier and looks at me and says “I’ve been there before. I understand. My wife recently died and if she were here, she’d want me to help you. So, I’m doing it for her, too.”

It might have been weird asking to take a picture, but he was my saving grace this evening. He’s a reminder that there’s plenty of good out there.

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