Man Interrupts His Girlfriend’s Brother’s Proposal Causing Anger Within The Family.

The story is about a housewarming party hosted by the protagonist’s girlfriend, who just bought a house. During the party, the girlfriend’s brother proposed to his girlfriend, causing the protagonist to get mad and call him out for being disrespectful towards his sister.

Source: Reddit

My girlfriend just bought a house and is so excited. She invited a ton of people over for a housewarming. She put so much work into everything. The house looked amazing, and the food was delicious.

Right after dinner, while my girlfriend was getting dessert, her brother proposed to his girlfriend. I was mad because he hijacked my girlfriend’s event that she worked so hard for. Before she could answer I told him to sit down and quit being so rude and disrespectful to his sister. He was mad, but his girlfriend looked so embarrassed. They ended up leaving.

The party was very awkward after that. A lot of people left early. My girlfriend’s mom was furious at me, because she wanted her son to stop living in sin and I ruined it. My girlfriend said I was sweet but didn’t need to do that. Her brother texted me calling me a prick.

Was I an AH for telling them to have some class?

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