Man Is Annoyed When He And His Partner Are Seated At The Kid’s Table During Sister’s Wedding.

Respect is essential in any connection, but especially in familial ones. The benefit of feeling cherished and noticed by family cannot be emphasized, especially during family gatherings. Sadly, this isn’t always simple to do. What happens when the major family gathering arrives and you not only feel unnoticed, but also purposefully excluded? Read this story and let us know how you would handle the situation.

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Ok so I know it’s not my day but also I’m a little hurt. I’m a 22 ftm(female to male) guy and my sister is getting married soon.

I found out I’ll not be sitting with my family at the ‘top table’ but my younger sister and parents will be and so will the groom’s siblings and parents. Just not me. Instead my partner and I’ve been placed at the table that’ll have all my young (under 10) second cousins on.

I mentioned to my sister that my partner and I don’t want to be sat at the kids table. We’re not overly fond of kids and would rather be able to get plastered in peace at the reception without worrying about children. She said no, that’s where you’re sitting.

Internally I was like “ok fine I’ll just head to the ceremony and skip the reception” I didn’t say this to her and I still haven’t just so it doesn’t feel like I’m manipulating her.

But now I’m also not involved in getting ready together as a family at the venue which involves staying the night at the venue. As well as staying the night of the wedding and having a little family brunch the day after before my sister goes on her honeymoon.

The rest of my family is invited to my sister’s bachelorette party too but not me. As well as the typical events like dress picking, cake tasting etc. The together time type of things.

Again I know it’s not my day but I can’t help being hurt. I do feel like it’s because I’m trans as they use any excuse to deadname me and my extended family don’t refer to me at all, not even on birthday or Christmas cards. I think it’s a polite way of having me there but out of the way.

But also I could just be being overly sensitive and need to buck up. What are your opinions? I need some advice on if I’m wrong. What should I do?

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