Man Offers His Private Jet To Fly The Brave Boy Fighting Leukemia For A Special Treatment.

In Franklinton, Louisiana, little Jett was born with leukemia. If that sounds odd, it is. Most children who have it are diagnosed with it between the ages of 2 and 8 years old. And there was little Jett… born with it. His parents, Brittany and Tylan, kept him at the hospital he was born, as doctors put him through intensive chemotherapy. And the cancer was still there.

But the young parents took hope in a promising new trial treatment being offered at a hospital in Baltimore, more than a thousand miles away. It might be little Jett’s last chance at actually having a life. They couldn’t take him on a commercial flight because his immune system was so low… low enough that a common cold spread to him from another passenger could kill him. And Brittany and Tylan couldn’t take a bus because the 16-hour drive would just be too much for him, and he’d have to eat every two hours.

But just days before that trial treatment started, James Davison, owner of Davison Trucking, stepped forward. His Congressman called him and told him about the young couple’s dilemma. So Davison offered the couple his private company jet to get them there.

Says Davison: “We’re glad to be a part of taking Jett to John’s Hopkins. I’m hopeful and wish them the best, and wish for good results for Jett.”

Both Brittany and Tylan were extremely thankful for the stranger helping them out in their time of need. And, hopefully, little Jett is doing much better now. 

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