Man Pays For Service Men In Remembrance Of His Late Brother.

On a recent day, in Durham, North Carolina, brothers Jonathan and Stephen Full were having lunch with their kids at a Chik-Fil-A when all of a sudden, two soldiers walked in, and they were quickly followed by 9 more soldiers.

Jonathan stood up, and decided to set an example for his son. Out of extreme respect, he had always wanted to buy a meal for a soldier, and now was his chance. He was only going to buy a meal for one, then he quickly changed his mind and decided to buy the meals for every soldier inside the restaurant. He realized he couldn’t just stop at one.

Says Jonathan: “What I felt moving through my heart is I didn’t care if 200 more showed. I was still going to buy the meal.”

And it seemed like he was buying a meal for an entire platoon. And older brother Stephen snapped some shots of Jonathan with the soldiers, and them showing appreciation for his generosity, and he was very proud of him.

But there was another reason Jonathan wanted to buy the soldiers’ meals. Says Stephen, on the photos he posted to Facebook: “As he paid for their meals, in remembrance of our late brother Joshua who suffered mentally from severe PTSD, he asked them to reach out to anyone they knew with PTSD and try their best to get them the help they needed. We thanked them for their service and left. Taught our boys to take care of the people that take care of us.”

Proud big brother moment.. we took the kids out to eat and hit Costco up, so Nikki and Alex could have some time…

Posted by Stephen Full on Saturday, 9 March 2019

And then Stephen asked all the readers of his post to share it, so that many others could realize just how much PTSD can affect those outstanding men and women who fight for our country. 

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