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Man photographs homeless man throwing b-day party for his dogs and ends up changing his life.

Some individuals might not associate the term “home” with a specific location. They consider their family to be their home.

Even though Choco and his two dogs didn’t reside in a house, they felt quite at home when sitting on the stairs of a park in Bucaramanga, Colombia.

And this house was in the midst of a doggie birthday celebration. A bystander noticed Choco singing “Happy Birthday” to his two dogs, Shaggy and Nena, who were also wearing birthday hats.

Choco gave them birthday hugs and petted them before bringing out a tiny cake for them to share.

He even blew out the candles on the cake. When the song was over, he blew out the candles and kissed their cute doggo faces. Before they all ate cake, he cut a slice for each dog and one for himself using a plastic knife.

The stranger who observed Choco began filming the puppy celebration.

Choco was also crying, which he noticed. When the observer approached Choco to see whether he was okay, he realized that Choco and his dogs were homeless.

He also discovered that Choco had been homeless for some years and had been homeless after fleeing an abusive family environment.

Choco then met two dogs named Shaggy and Nena, who became his family.

Although not having a house, Choco constantly makes an effort to provide the finest care for his pets. Choco was offered assistance by the individual who videotaped the doggy birthday celebration.

He shared a video of Choco and his dogs on social media and appealed for donations of food, supplies, and money to help Choco get back on his feet.

That video was seen by almost 440,000 individuals. Individuals began to go to the park with their dogs to assist Choco.

Choco received a phone call and began an Instagram account, which today has over 187,000 followers. He’s been selling shirts on the site and donating a portion of the proceeds to prevent animal cruelty.

Choco aspires to one day run an animal refuge and follow a musical career.

It’s difficult to understand why homelessness is so stigmatized when more than half of Americans, or 59 percent, live paycheck to paycheck.

If you don’t have a support structure, one missing payment might lead you to miss rent and ultimately be forced out of your house.

The most prevalent causes of homelessness include domestic abuse, a lack of accessible housing, physical and mental health concerns, unemployment and job loss, and addiction.

Having a pet while homeless can aid with survival by offering unconditional affection and therefore a source of morale, lessening addiction due to fear of losing one companion, and producing desire to care for oneself and the pet.

Watch the video below to see the doggie birthday celebration!

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