Man Plans To Spend “Golden” Age At Holiday Inn Instead Of A Retirement Home.

In Texas, 64-year-old Terry Robinson has decided he’s just not gonna go that route. Instead of spending his golden years in a nursing home, he’s gonna spend it at a Holiday Inn, and he’s bringing his wife, Renee, with him. And he’s got a very good reason for doing that.

The average daily cost at a nursing home, he said, is $188. With a long-term stay at a Holiday Inn, throwing in the senior discount, it’s $59 per day, and that includes a free breakfast and daily happy hours for those of us who appreciate getting a little sauced every now and then. And by saving close to $130 every day, he and his wife can eat at any nice restaurant they want. And, of course, the hotel offers a swimming pool, spa and a workout room, things you won’t typically find at a nursing home. And there are all those other freebies, like razors, soap and shampoo.

Sounds like Terry has a great plan.

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