Man Praised For Leaving His Pregnant Wife Alone At Home.

Pregnancy is many different things. It’s both dazzling and challenging, charming and draining, isolating and uniting. Even if your pregnancy is simple, it is tough. You might be floating along until you instantly become overtaken by emotions or aches. Hormones are terrible, however they don’t give a woman a free pass to be abusive and then be completely immune to repercussions. Read the story to know what happened between the to-be parents and how would you deal with such a situation?

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My(28m) wife (27f) is 7 months pregnant. Since she’s been pregnant she has been having a go at me for small things like if I don’t make dinner for her or when I cook her the wrong thing. Before she was pregnant she was never like this. She was always very sweet.

Yesterday my wife came back from her parents house and I made homemade pizza for us. She told me she doesn’t want pizza and to cook her something else. I told her if it’s quick and easy I’ll make it, and she asked for homemade chicken dumplings. I told her I’m not making that because that will take ages. She told me she’s pregnant and is craving dumplings. I told her “I know you’re pregnant but I’m not making dumplings for you”. She started having a rage that I wouldn’t cook her something. It was 6pm at night. I’m not whipping out all these ingredients. I told her to make it herself or to not have anything.

When I had my pizza she was sitting on the couch sobbing saying that I don’t love her or the baby. I told her I’ll make dumplings tomorrow night for her but not tonight. She told me to f**k off somewhere else. I asked my friend if I could stay the night with him and he said yes. Packed clothes and slammed the door behind me. When I was halfway to my friends my wife texted me begging for me to come back so I told her to f**k off like she did with me.

Did I go too far here? What do you think about this situation? 

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