Man Praised For Standing Up For A Friend Against Her Husband.

Money is the source of all evil in our world. Or the foundation of any other objective morality idea. Read the story to know what happened when a friend discussed her financial situation and what would you do in this situation?

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I’m friends with a married couple, Grace and Michael. Grace and I went out to drink a few days ago, just the two of us. We talked a bit about inflation and finances and she confessed to me that she barely has any money and it makes her feel really vulnerable.

Turns out, they mostly live off of her income and Michael, who makes over 2.5 times as much as Grace, puts almost all of his income into savings. He also asks Grace to transfer any of her bonuses or extra money into that savings account.

The problem is that Grace has no access to that account. She told me she asked for it in the past, but Michael just said she already has access to their shared checking account (that is strictly for their monthly expenses), so it’s fine.

Grace told me that she feels like she should have access to that account too or at least have a little extra in her own personal account so if anything happens to Michael, she doesn’t have to wait months to access the money. She told this to Michael too, but he dismissed her and said nothing will happen to him.

I told Grace that this is really not okay and she should demand access to that account. It’s her money too and it’s not right that only Michael has access to it. I was very strong about this and made her promise that she will make Michael give access to her. She seemed very relieved that I agreed with her and found her concerns more than reasonable.

Now onto the problem: currently Micheal is throwing a fit at me for inserting myself into their financial life, saying it’s none of my business. He says that over 85% of the money was put into the savings account by him and whatever Grace put there was just to compensate for the things Michael paid for alone in the past.

Yes, he is right that it’s none of my business, but my close friend came to me saying she feels vulnerable, because at 30 years old, she only has about 500€ in her name, despite having a well-paying job. Of course I will tell her this isn’t right and encourage her to stand up for herself! But since I’m friends with Michael too, I don’t know… Am I Wrong ?

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