Man Praised Getting Neighbor Car Towed Which Even Damaged His Car.

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I (28yo M) pay an extra $50 a month for covered parking in my apartment complex. I pay for it since my area gets quite a lot of hail. Well I noticed recently that my neighbor paid for the covered parking as well and got a spot next to mine. The spots are smaller than the uncovered ones and he drives a huge lifted pickup truck.

One night I’m coming home from work and noticed he parked so far over the line that I couldn’t park my car in my spot. I was pissed as it was storming really bad and I had to park in guest parking (that’s uncovered) that’s all the way on the other side of my complex and is a 5 minute walk when the weather is really bad.

When I got upstairs I knocked on my neighbor’s door but he didn’t answer. I’m getting really pissed at this point so I decided to call a tow truck. I wait an hour and check the spot and see his truck has been towed. When the storm calms down I move my car back into my spot.

I ran into my neighbor the next day and he is fuming. He said he had to pay $300 to get his truck back and the tow truck damaged his vehicle.

I told my friends what happened and half said I was an AH for calling a tow truck and the other half said I was in the right since he parked like a complete AH and I wasn’t able to get into my spot. So Am I A Jerk?

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