Man presents ‘undeniable proof’ he is Prince Charles and Camila’s lovechild

An Australian guy claims fresh photographic proof reveals he is the unborn child of Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Simon Dorante-Day of Queensland has claimed to be Prince Charles’ first-born kid since the 1990s. He says fresh images of himself as a child with his putative grandma, Queen Elizabeth, prove it.

On Tuesday, Mr Dorante-Day posted many photos of himself with members of the royal family to his Facebook page. He explained that when looking at paternity cases, the courts examine physical resemblance and genetic features, especially when DNA testing is not readily accessible. Obviously, he has a lot more evidence than simply images to back up his assertions – and all of his research is easily verifiable and available.

Mr Dorante-Day stated that a photo of himself  during his childhood (left) contrasted to a youthful Queen Elizabeth (right) was additional confirmation of his paternity guarantee.

Mr Dorante-Day was born on April 5, 1966, in Portsmouth, UK, and was adopted when he was eight months old. Mr Dorante-Day believes that both of his adopted grandparents worked for the Queen and Prince Philip in one of their royal homes, and that his adoptive grandmother informed him often and directly that he was the child of Charles and Camilla.

According to the allegations in Mr Dorante-lawsuit, Day’s Charles and Camilla began their intimate connection in 1965, a year prior his birth certificate indicates he was conceived. He believes Camilla was missing from the British social scene for nine months before he was born, and Charles was sent on a tour to Australia.

Mr Dorante-Day posted an image of himself at the age of 16 (left) next to a youthful Duchess Camilla (right).

Camilla kept Mr Dorante-Day until he was eight months old, keeping him from the world with the aid of the royal family and protection personnel, according to the lawsuit. By eight months, he was too big to hide, so he was adopted by the daughter of a royal household staff member – Mr Dorante-adoptive Day’s grandmother. Inconsistencies on his birth certificate and name, according to Mr Dorante-Day, imply he is of royal ancestry. A historian claims to have discovered that the hospital named on Mr Dorante-birth Day’s certificate did not deliver any infants during the whole decade he was born.

Mr. Dorante-Day also alleges that the parents stated on his birth certificate are incorrect. He claims he was named by Charles and Camilla. He alleges that at the time of Mr Dorante-birth, Day’s Charles and Camilla were good friends with a guy named Simon. Charles is Mr Dorante-middle Day’s name, which he says was given to him after his claimed birth dad. Mr Dorante-Day claims he remembers visiting a lady, whom he believes is Camilla, when he was a little kid in Portsmouth.

Since 2018, he has been campaigning for Charles and Camilla to agree to a DNA paternity test. Mr Dorante-Day stated that he “won’t rest” until the royals resolve his issue.
He explained that he had his first court case in 2018, and his legal struggles continue to this day. He wants to do it correctly so that his family and he can finally receive the solutions we deserve.

Several individuals remarked on the photographs equating Mr Dorante-Day to the royal family, saying they could see the ‘family similarity.’

‘The brows and their location over your eyes are another mirror image,’ commented one.
‘Those happy genes are having a good time.’ ‘At all ages/stages, there is unquestionably extremely strong resemblance to your biological family,’ said another.

‘The contour of the face on the sides and bottom is extremely similar and distinctive.

That’s what struck me the most,’ wrote another. ‘Hairline the same!

Identical brows! The noses are identical! ‘We have the same eye shape!’ commented another.

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